The Book

My name is Victor Zaki. I was born in Darfur, Sudan, and I live now in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. During my 75 years of life, I have lived in different cities and in different countries. I want to take you along with me on a delightful journey. I have enjoyed and was very happy in every city that I have lived in or even just visited.
I lived my childhood in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum. I finished my elementary and high school studies in Khartoum, then I moved to Assiut, Egypt, to study medicine.
I received my medical degree but even better than the degree, I found my beautiful wife.
As a medical doctor working in the Ministry of Health, we had to work in different cities of Sudan. I worked in Obeid in Western Sudan, Kassala, in Eastern Sudan, and Wau in Southern Sudan.
In 1972, we went to London, United Kingdom, to finish my specialization in ophthalmology. We returned to Khartoum for one year, then I was sent by the Ministry of Health to New Halfa in the Eastern part of Sudan.
In 1985, I came to Boston to get more knowledge and training in glaucoma. After four months in Boston, I returned to Khartoum.
In 1990, I returned to Boston with my family to work as a research ophthalmologist. In 1993 I joined the New England College of Optometry as a full-time student and I graduated and received my license to be an optometrist.
In April 2020, I retired from work, and now I am enjoying my life with my wife in Newton, Massachusetts, USA.
Come along with me as I take you to each city I have visited or lived in, and through the journey, I will describe snapshots of my life